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Earth Day 2010 April 22, 2010

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In honor of Earth Day I’d like to focus on why this blog exists.  Our planet is an incredibly valuable resource and it is in danger.  If we don’t fundamentally change the way we do things, we will damage it beyond its ability to recover.  Earth Day is an marker of the importance of environmental stewardship; it is a time for us to appreciate the importance of the planet that surrounds us.  In the spirit of appreciation I’d like to post a few pictures from our recent trip to Big Sur.  The redwoods never fail to make me admire the value of nature.

Redwoods in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Ferns in Big Sur

This part of California is one of my favorite places to visit because the lush forest makes such a contrast to the desert of San Diego.

From the Last Forest Fire

Forest fires are a part of life in California, but the damage never fails to shock me.  Redwoods are naturally resilient to wildfires–their bark has adapted to withstand high temperatures, but this ancient tree just couldn’t survive the last one.

Wildflowers by the Side of the Road

We saw so many brilliant wildflowers, I probably took about 700 pictures of them.  I particularly liked this photo because it gives a sense of the foggy weather that characterizes Big Sur this time of year.

Happy Earth Day!


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