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Transitions June 29, 2010

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My last post happened one graduation, one week of family visits, one new job (!),  several celebrations, and many goodbyes ago.  It has been a wonderful, but very busy time of transition. Because of the aforementioned new job, I want to highlight two great organizations:  the Equinox Center and Qualcomm.  I have been lucky enough to work for Equinox Center over the past several weeks, and I recently started work for Qualcomm.  Although my new position is not directly related to their sustainability efforts, Qualcomm is well known here in San Diego as a leader in going green.

This link is a review of a sustainability recently taken by the Equinox Center.  The Equinox Center is an environmental policy organization that “researches and advances best practices and innovative solutions to balance San Diego’s regional growth with our finite natural resources.”


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