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Green your Wallet and Commute December 1, 2010

Filed under: Retail — bt25 @ 10:15 pm

Due to an unfortunate car accident, I’ve been forced to contemplate purchasing a new vehicle.  As I began to research possibilities for new vehicles, the first thing that I wanted to know was regarding fuel economy.  This might be common knowledge for those that are a bit more car savvy, but I stumbled across a great website, .  This is a good way to research fuel economy, to get information about tax incentives, and to even get tips on how to increase gas mileage. 

 My favorite feature is that the site provides some useful statistics on the monetary and environmental costs of cars.  These statistics are great for doing side by side comparisons of potential purchases.  To illustrate, the site uses average fuel prices to give the consumer information about the cost of driving 25 miles (average commute), the cost of filling up the gas tank, and the annual fuel cost for a particular model of car.  It even shows how many barrels of oil the car would use annually.  I just thought I would share this great resource for aiding consumers in better planning of all of the costs (and savingsJ) associated with a car purchase.


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